Posted by: M. | April 27, 2008

The Long Wait is finally over! Sorry Folks

       The long awaited time has passed guys. I am back from the dead. Feeling better being back from my trip around the world in 200 days. Saw nothing, missed everything, but at least I had my iphone! The bell rang and I was released from my classes for summer vacation and then I went out to eat after I graduated from college. OK, none of this happen and none of this really kept me from you guys:( I just have not had time to do anything but raise my son and be a husband to my wife. Go ahead and call me lazy, I am. I feel bad for all the visits and no updates but I really thank all of you for being more faithful to the blog than I was in these last couple of months. But the fun is back. Lots of Iphone stuff out there and lots of people to write about both good and bad. “King of the moment” to you all. 


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