Posted by: M. | May 2, 2008

Simon Says……

Ok “Simon says be a phone”. Check. Ok,” Simon says respond to touches on screen”. Check. Ok, “Simon says hide your keyboard”. Check. Ok, now Simon says have a Mac OS operating system”. Umm, sorry I can’t copy that. Oh, well sorry you loose. This is how I look at the market nowadays. Everyones throwing their hat into the “Iphonekiller” box thinking they have the answer by simply putting a touch screen on the phone. It doesn’t work like that people. The iphone is so much more than a touch screen phone. And it all starts with the amazing OS. Case in point, this girl that use to work with me went out and got her a Verizon Iphone want-to-be. Not long after that she quickly realized that the touch screen really doesn’t work well at all and asked for me to allow her to play with my Iphone so she could feel what it really is suppose to be like. And within seconds she felt the difference and throw hers down on her desk in anger saying how pissed she was at the Verizon attempt at making the iphone and how unnecessarily the touch screen was just put into the phone and not really allowing for a more fluid experience but only a “I have a touch screen too” moment. And I thought that was so like every other phone out there that is copying off the Iphone. They don’t really understand the balance of technology. Everything has to work in sync with each other ,not just work for the sake of working. Thats why the Mac OS was so important to place into the phone. But I fear this will never be over, it’s just part of being the best.


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