Posted by: M. | May 17, 2008

“My Bubbles”

Now ordinarily such a image you would not have thought to be associated with a Iphone. However, in this case it is directly related to my iphone. It all started with a friend of mine that had a iphone that told me he had developed bubbles inside the screen. Now at the time I had not seen anything like this nor have read anything major on line with failures related to this. But maybe I should have knocked on wood because heading into my 12th month of having the iphone I too developed 2 bubbles in my screen. They weren’t very big and in fact could be looked over. But my friend informed me that apple stores are exchanging them no question asked because this has been found to be a defect in the screen and they don’t know why. And sure enough, apple gave me a brand new Iphone with no questions asked. Great service if you ask me. What other phone do you know of that will allow you to take it back to the store without a insurance policy 11 1/2 months later and they give you a new one?

Now, not sure I should tell apple this but I have a theory about why this is happening. I might be wrong but I think that these bubbles happen from drops over time. The reason I say this is because I never had bubbles in my screen prior to the week I dropped mine 2 times the day after I spoke to my friend about his. And when I asked my friend he also confirmed that he had been dropping his too just before the bubbles happen. Now if this is the case Apple really should be exchanging phones for bubbles if this is what is causing them, but hey what do I know? I’m just happy I got a new one.


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