Posted by: M. | May 25, 2008

Instinct or “INSTINCT”

Ok this just had to happen in my opinion. I had to bring up the newly clone to attempt to take on the iphone. If you have been watching TV or looking up the latest in cell phone news then you know that Sprint is following the footsteps of Verizon and coming out with a Iphone clone. The Site is especially funny because it tries so hard to point out anything that the Iphone doesn’t do and how they do it in this phone. It list 5 things it can do that either the iphone doesn’t do or doesn’t do as well as theirs. And the leading example is the Evdo speeds vs edge. Well I thought I do my own version of what the iPhone does that this Instinct doesn’t want you know it doesn’t do or have.

#1. The biggest is 5 hour talk time for instinct vs 8 hours, 200 standby time, 6 hours of internet use, and 24 hours audio playback for the iphone ( a huge win, because battery life is everything)

#2. The second biggest thing is the fact that this system doesn’t have the memory, in fact it has nothing close the the memory given to you by the iphone(8gbs and 16gbs phones).

#3. Iphone complete screen is used for the internet, The instinct only shows 1/3 of the screen(that is already smaller than the iphone physically as it is now) and the rest are all these buttons all over the place. And As Intro Mobile put it after reviewing the phone…”Network is fast, but the browser’s not there yet”. They also go on to say that there were websites they couldn’t even pull up( I wonder what good is the speed if you never get to the site, or can see very well).

#3. The instinct is handicap with a forced sideways keyboard as the only way you can type. So what does that mean for you when you looking up stuff on the internet and the keyboard is taken up most of the screen if not all (ex: Google when you typing in the search box), not very friendly or smooth.

#4. NO WIFI!!!

#5. Sprint didn’t tell you that to have all the features of the Instinct you have to pay extra, unlike the iphone where everything that the phone does comes with the internet package. So you could very well end up paying $100+ just to have a low talk plan and the option to use everything that you’re suppose to be able to use with the phone.

#6. Make no doubt about it, sprint will not be upgrading your phone features like apple has twice so far (for free might I add).

#7. No free Push email

#8. No itunes( the greatest and biggest music download store in the world )

#9. No connection points to internet and maps for phone # and dial outs( when you look up a location I can call right away without having to copy down the number or leave that screen)

#10. And INTERFACE. The instinct interface is so out dated when compared to the Iphone. You would think that the interfaces would be the exact opposite. In most screens, especially the internet and phone screens, they look like they had all these left over tabs that they just had to put somewhere and they did.

P.S= The phone comes with a stylus?? You know why!! Because the buttons on the screens,I just got through talking about, are going to be too small to push with your finger accurately !!!

**** Ok newly found info on the instinct shows that it does allow for vertical typing. But the keyboard form in vertical positioning isn’t very friendly and very weird shaped. Which explains why they never show it vertically. So I retrack my issue with it not having a vertical keyboard and will leave room for this product to show what it is all about when it is released since most people that have saw this device say that it had a lot of bugs that they are having to hope that samsung works out before the release of the phone. It will be very interesting to see what their angle will be when iPhone 2 comes out at 3g speeds and more. We will see just how good it it stacks up with the real world. If It handles itself better than the iPhone 1 or 2 as a whole I will be the first to congradulate them but if not I’m going to rip them a new one( they asked to fight with apple so they better be able to back it up).

****An interesting thought is that with a 5 hour talk time the time is based on you doing nothing but talking , so if you do more you won’t make the 5 hours. And with things like force feed back with a Evdo signals this doesn’t equal to a very long life. Mark my words the battery life will come back to hunt them like it did the 1st Moto Q.


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