Posted by: M. | May 28, 2008

Solar, to be or not to be, that is the question!

For those of you that haven’t heard there is a lot of news about a possible solar powered features put on the iphone. A lot of people are stating that this will be on the iphone 2 . Now I’m just as happy as anyone about the iphone and iphone 2 however, unless I’m understanding this wrong this patent was filed recently, at least according to news. So if this is the case then either the iphone 2 is nowhere near completed or this technology that apple filed a patent on is not due for the iphone 2. But hey, maybe the reports have been wrong and apple filed these patents and got the approval a long time ago and it will be on the iphone 2. I will be really up and amazed at the first solar powered phone. However, my gut tells me that people shouldn’t hold their breath about this making it to the iphone 2 but lets all hope that it does, it would be cool!!!


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