Posted by: M. | May 29, 2008

“Did I do that”???

I believe in the truth and responsibility and even though information I give to you was from other sources and not mine on this account I still stand by my pen, or keyboard strokes. I would first like to say that some of the information that is on the net about Sprint’s New Instinct is wrong at least to my knowledge. I myself have talked to some people that have some inside knowledge on the subject and this is what I have found out….

1st= The Instinct will have more than one plan. They will have a internet plan that is for 69.99 and not $100.

2nd= The plan WILL include the tv connection app, the Gps app and all that they have shown up to this point for no additional money( This is great news for the fans out there).

3rd=Sprint will be getting the free push email through Yahoo as well( big )

Now with that said does this make this a Iphone Killer, I still say no. Is it a good attempt, I say yes. However the biggest steps to overcome will be the Battery life and the Memory when compared to the iphone. And the biggest question will be what will they do with the commercials and ads when the iphone 2 comes out with better features? Only time will tell but I do say that this phone is the best runner up that Iphone has had to date. So there you go, not even I am safe from mistakes and having my ass handed to me by listening to others instead of looking it up for myself. I think I will go put my head in the sand now. Talk later!


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