Posted by: M. | May 31, 2008

Apple has a “Surprise” for it’s big bad copycat’s

Man June could not have come quick enough for me. The long awaited conference for apple is going to happen this month. This coming almost 1 year into the iphone release. And as it stands right now we have everyone from Blackberry to Sprint trying to push out their version of what they call Iphone Killers. Sprint with their Instinct which they are putting 100 million behind advertisement for it to take on the current Iphone. And Blackberry rumored to be getting ready to push out it’s touch screen blackberry( or maybe not, according to other people). Bottom line is the fact that all these companies have already lost. The reason why is that they believe the iphone as it is right now is the bar to shoot for and they are right but what they don’t know is that the bar they are trying to exceed apple has already exceeded and will be showing the fruit of it’s labor soon with the Iphone 2. I honestly feel so sorry for all these companies basing their strategies on a iphone that will no longer be the top of the pentacle of all cell phones. But yet all the stories and all the news are all focused on how or what to focus on to defeat the current iphone. This is typical for people every time something new hits. Case in point is the Instinct by Samsung. Most don’t know this but this phone has been out in a different format for a while and each time one version doesn’t get the 1st place metal they scrap it and create a new version. To date there is at least two different versions of the instinct that never really took form or did well. The same look, the same os system. But yet there will be people that have sworn to it being some kind of NEW phone that is truly revolutionary and never been seen before. My favorite is a video posted on youtube that showed someone taking the phone and starting a mp3 song while they surfed over different apps/main screen claiming that the iphone can’t do multi tasking like that???? And this guy even had a Iphone. That showed me that he was either a complete dumb ass or just wanted to see something that wasn’t there. But I guess I’m not surprised that people flock to new and forget old. The same thing will happen again when the Iphone 2 comes out, only this time everything will be old when compared to it.

PS= And if i know apple you can bet that they give the current Iphones a little loving with a upgrade or two.


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