Posted by: M. | June 6, 2008

Countdown to MONDAY

And the countdown begins again! Monday could be another very big day for Apple. All are holding their breath for the upcoming new conference from Apple for a confirmation on the new Apple Iphone. Customers are also wondering what new upgrades will be coming to the first iphone. And the other clone phone companies are wondering just how much money they have wasted in trying to keep up with the present iphone only to have their product come out or about to come out and possibly already be outdated. So in a nut shell the whole world almost will be watching. With everything from the solar powered screen cells that Apple filed a patient for, to GPS , to the the 3g speeds that AT&T confirmed will take place for all future released phones, and finally to the biggest…the video conferencing software added, one things for sure, Apple, it’s competition, and it’s fans won’t be the same after Monday. And even when you get through with the rumored add on’s we still have the confirmed add on for the business side of things with the add on of Microsoft’s Exchange software for all iphones. But, it still comes back to rather or not Apple can deliver on 3 of 4 rumors, all rumors, more than expected, or deliver on none of the rumors? Only time will tell. I would consider it a success just to bring out a 3g iphone with maybe a prettier interface, but thats just me. I’m easy to please. But then there will be those, as we all know it, that even if they deliver on all 4 or more rumors they will still find something that the phone doesn’t do(like babysit kids, or talk to you in german) and try and put it down for that one thing. Wait and see what I tell you. Anyway, until then.


Today was the worst nightmare that could have happen to all other cell phone companies not named at&t. And the death of some gadgets called the instinct. The iPhone had confirmed 3g speeds with gps and FINALLY push email, contacts, and calenders through .mac accounts support
all on a $199 iPhone. That’s right $199!!!! Talk about killing the comp. There is no reason that anybody in their right mind would pass that up. Play your commericals now sprint instinct!!!


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