Posted by: M. | June 6, 2008


I was going to save this information until later but with so much to be going on Monday I thought I’d better get it out the way. It begins with all this talk about speed. You have Verizon with their evdo and Sprint puffing up about their new EVDo A( or something like that). They companies have all been taken their shots about how much slower the Iphone is on edge. I personally have never had to wait more than 20-25 sec for any webpage on edge and in most cases maybe 12-15 sec at the most as long as my single bars were at max. And thats because I turn off my java unless I’m using password protected sites like bank websites. But as the old saying goes ” he who laughs last laughs the hardest”. AT&T my friends, have just announced that they not only are integrating all new phones over to 3G but their 3g speeds are now the fastest on the market, better than Sprint rev a or any others!! This is huge and definitely a kick in the teeth to the soon to be a Instinct phone. So within this month all the commercials about having faster download times now are really going to be a joke because AT&T didn’t just match EVDO speeds, they beat it. And right on the verge of a NEW IPHONE!!! Pure geniuses! 


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