Posted by: M. | June 6, 2008

The IPhone Killer reviews are coming in!!

     Drum roll please!  “Here comes the Iphone killer…the INSTINCT!”.  And there it goes out the door. Well the mighty phone, The Instinct didn’t make the same level of grade that the iphone did or does. Every review including Cnet’s review all agree that even though the phone is a good attempt it just doesn’t go past that. Cnet even goes on to talk about the buggy interface and software crashes that the phone has. And they even talked about how the internet browser doesn’t equal to the iphone experience and how small(just like I pointed out below) and cramped the screen is when looking at the net and this is in large part to the button and the lay out. The last thing they noted of concern on another site is that the phone’s background never shuts off when your talking on the phone. That in itself is very questionable to me because if it never turns off then you could accidentally hit keys with your face or finger while on the phone and not to mention the fact that the phone’s battery will drain even more. And speaking of battery, nobody really has had a chance to review the life of the battery but I’m telling you right now it’s going to be poor. Even though you have 2 batteries, nobody wants to change out batteries during the day just to make it through it. They should have made a battery powerful enough to last without the need of a 2nd battery. But I guess we will have to wait on the final review from someone that actually took time out to write a complete review of everything and not just the basic stuff. But hey not all is bad. All sites that have reviewed did say just as I did that this phone is the best attempt out right now, but an attempt doesn’t take the top spot. Good try Sprint and Samsung but if your newly released phone can’t be take the spot away for iphone 1 what is left to do when Iphone 2 comes out next week( as rumored)?


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