Posted by: M. | June 23, 2008


Well, with all that has happen over the past year I for one have enjoyed experiencing the Iphone. Apple has proven to me that with the right idea you can reach millions. With the new Iphone coming out( which will be a LITTLE better than the first) and the eventual demise of the 1st iphone I bid you guys a farewell. There is really not much more than I can write about this great product, mostly because I would not be getting the 2nd one. My reason is mostly because I only buy things that are true jumps in technology. And with the baby version of a GPS( which really isn’t that impressive with it “follow the dot” routine), the push email that never worked the entire year and now will require $100 if you have a Mac just to have this service, and finally the 3g that will require 10$ more a month just to have it, I’m forced to look at other options or stay with what I have now( unless they try and force me to pay $10 more reguardless of the fact that I would stick with the iphone 1). It’s not a day I looked forward to and I hope all can forgive me. I hope at least some of you enjoyed the entries throughout the year. THANKS FOR EVERYTHING!


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