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Life continues!

It been a bit since the last post. I have been so busy at work that I really dont do anything else but rest when I come home. But of everything that is the same the one that reigns supreme is my iphone. I can tell you folks that after all this time that has gone by I still stay in sure amazment. There isnt one day that goes bye that i dont think to myself how good it is to have a iphone. There is so many times daily that I find things to use the iphone for.

One of the news articles of late that I’ve seen kind of fits what I went through with my screen. There are reports that talk about the touch area of the screen below or on top failing. Now its not one of those xbox 360 failure rates but it is enough to make headlines. Me myself wonder if these people also bought the invisible sheild. Because i know for sure mine went out from the sheild.

Another article of late that I have read is the complaints about the bill and the amount of pages it is. Come on folks! Of all the things that are so great about this phone you want to complain about the amount of pages on your statment? Help me here? What the hell does the pages on your bill got to do with the iphone itself? And on top of this people tried to say that because of the iphone their bill was big. People its the first bill. Which means even if you went with a free flip phone you would have a larger bill because it includes prorated issues and activation fees. This has nothing to do with the iPhone. Get a life people. If you don’t like your iPhone then get rid if it, plan and simple.

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Way To Go Apple, I’m impressed!


Ok after my ordeal with Shieldzone I really for the first time in my life wasn’t really worried about the outcome of the expensive product that failed. For some reason I knew that apple would take care of the situation and make what seemed to be a nightmare a 911 rescue. Well let me start of with how empressed I was with apple when they kept me up to date with the status of everything. I got an email telling me the moment the iphone I sent to them arrived. This was equally followed up by how fast the product was shipped to me, both my loaner and my iphone arrived at their location in 1 day. I got my loaner with the box to send mine in and next day air was already paid for mine to be shipped off to them. The instruction and the box to send it in was very easy and secure and fed ex returned to my house the same day they dropped the package off to pick up mine that was to be repaired. Now fast forward 1 day ahead to Saturday morning( not Monday, but Saturday morning). And I get a knock at the door. Surely this could not be my iphone repaired already. I thought to myself umm, maybe it’s being shipped back to me because I forgot something or maybe they decided not to cover it. Nope! My dear friends, inside this box was a brand new Iphone! WoW(now I don’t have to look at that ungly scratch on the left side casing that I caused on my first drop)! And inside the box a note telling me what I already knew, that the iphone could not be repaired and required a replacement, but the most important was that it was covered under the warranty(lucky for ShieldZone). This was awesome but I hope everyone out there reads this and avoids using Shieldzone for their Iphone before it cost them more than 3days and loaner.

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For those of you who have the guts and want to get rid of your fears about the battery for the iphone there just might be an answer. Iphonefaq posted a article( about a new aftermarket battery that claims they have the answer. They say it’s the last battery your Iphone will ever need. They state that this battery while lasting just a long as the iphone battery(daily) last now has a 10 YEAR GUARANTEE. That’s right folks 10 years of battery life. The battery itself only runs about 25$ but you will have to find someone to put it in for you or you can trust them and send it off to them( and for an extra fee they will install it for you the same day the receive it and ship it back off to you. If these claims are true and these company can be trusted then this is a great option for all Iphone users out there. Now keep in mind this will most likely kill your wrnty with apple, so you have to weigh your options and go from there.

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Much lower than stated!

question_mark-wince.jpg The latest reports have the iPhone selling much lower than what was stated by a lot of sale reports. Where the reports got the false info from is not known but what is known now is that the 700,000 sold were more like less than 150,000. This is really shocking to me as well as Many others who bought stock. In fact apple’s stock has took a major hit in light of the new numbers. So this is apple’s mud in their faces as far as any window mibile fans and doubters. This is the perfect yime for all those people that wanted something to laugh at to get their giggle on. But word to the wise, he who last laughes the hardest! And just before you take a deep breath to get ready to laugh at apple you may want to take in thought a couple of facts first. One os that this number is not what apple has done up to this point, only what they did in the first 2 days of selling the iPhone. And two, and probably the most important, is the fact that this is only with the US. No other country has the iPhone yet. So what will happen to the #’s once japan,Europe, and other territories get this phone? Not to mention Christmas sells! But regardless of what they do the numbers want make me take back my phone. I personally could care less as long as i have my phone.

7/26/07….Well the numbers are in from Apples point of view. They say they shipped and sold out of the iphone at 260,000-270,000 units. This number well conflicts with the numbers given by AT&T with their 146,000. But then again 146,000 was only the phones activated, but then again it’s hard for me to see that 124,000 people could not activate their phone and or only got it to hack it or sell it. What could AT&T gain for lying? The answer is nothing. Then that leaves Apple. Are they lying about the numbers? One would think so. But as one reporter reported the numbers even at 146,000 are very impressive still because these numbers reflexs #1 a period of 30 hours ONLY of sales. And #2 show a 40-46% switch rate of new customers that left other service providers to go to AT&T for the iphone which is bigger than any recorded # in cell phone history( there has never been a 40-46% of switchers signing up within 30 hours of any other cell phone.). And it seems that all the investors have started seeing the same thing because Apple upon the release of the first #s drop 6 points to 134.00 a share but closed today out with 146.00 a share, which is higher than it’s been before the release and after it’s release of the iphone and this all on a day the stock market had it’s worst recorded day since it dismal day back in Feb. Way to go Apple. Way to go.

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Invisible Shield +’s and -‘s

This is the video that really made me want to buy the Invisible shield. It was not for the protection of the scratches, though. It was merely for the smudges and fingerprints that my Iphone receives because it is a touch screen. So I started to look into all the different solutions to help protect it from so many. And here we have one. The Invisible shield. Now I didn’t know if it would help protect against fingerprints from this video. I had to do a little bit of reading around, seeing how others felt about the invisible shield. And once I saw that it helped cut down on the fingerprints and smudges I was sold mostly. Now I did run into the protective covering by Box-wave that cancels out fingerprint period but it didn’t seem as clear as this the shield(at least the one that stops fingerprints, not the crystal boxwave, because it doesn’t stop fingerprints). Another reason I didn’t pick it is because I remember having this for a pda of mine and it laid down well but at corners spots it would come up and you would have to always make sure you pressed it down so that no lint or dust would be trapped. So needless to say I wanted to try something different, even though I was 90% happy with box-waves screen protector. So once it came in I applied almost just like he did in this video( I sprayed both sides like the instruction told me too, but on this video he didn’t). And let me tell you it truly is easy to put on. Now I did have some concerns about the spray liquid draining down inside the iphone from the edges when you pushed out the bubbles but that was quickly taken up by me and a paper towel. Then just like the video it only took about 5 minutes for it to dry on. But you should allow it to at least dry overnight before you put it through any real hard usage and test, just to be sure. But once it did dry you saw no bubbles and the shield effected NONE of the touch screen responses which is the key for any overlay you put on a pda or smartphone that has a responsive screen. So, all the love was in the air until I went on line (with it’s white background) and saw the embedded scratch lines that reflexed the light from the Iphone and produced these red lines shrinks through the screen. In this video the guy never turns on the iphone so I couldn’t verify if this is common or not. I did buy my wife a shield too but she is not here for me to apply it to hers to verify if this is something common or just a rare defect. Now is it unbearable?NO! But should it be something that one should have to deal with? NO! So I called invisible shield and they assured me that this is not how the product is suppose to work and it’s not suppose to show these lines. I then was instructed by their customer service department that I will be shipped a brand new shield next week(because they are sold out right now) for free and all I have to do is put the old one on a piece of paper and send it back off to them. This was cool of them because most companies (like box-wave, because I had a similar issue with them) would require you send it back to them first and then they will send you a new one. So this alone gives me high hope about Shieldzone and how speedy they reacted to this with no question and no hassle. Once I get the 2nd shield or whenever my wife gets back in town(which ever comes first) I will post a follow up to confirm the Shield!

7/28/07.. Ok my wife returned from her long trip up to her mothers and now I have applied the Invisible shield to her unit now as well. Bad news is that the lines and scratch marks are inside her shield as well, but in different areas. What are the chances? I don’t know! But this doesn’t vote well for Invisible shield. I’m starting to think that I should have went with boxwave. But I did call Shieldzone again and informed them that my wife’s shield is also needing to be replaced. They said they would send a replacement off for her as well. We have been waiting and still haven’t seen them come in but as soon as they do I will follow up on the findings on the 2nd batch of shields.

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Battery Life


I have of late been seeing some people talk about the different experiences they are going through with the Iphone battery power. Some people have wrote that they don’t have the battery life Apple and other have experienced. While myself and my wife both experience battery life’s 2nd to no other phone we have used(in most cases going 2 days completely without recharging), I understand, as should others, that there are some iphone that may a have defects. This is the case with all products that are made by man. But it’s the percentage of the units that have this problem is what determines the success rate of the product’s creation. And it is in this that I say that based on the amount of people that I’ve spoken to and have seen in forums there is a huge 80+ success rate of the phone that have no problems with battery or otherwise. This is very successful in my opinion. Another statement that has been brought up about the battery is everyones fear that the battery will not work anymore after a year or so. Ok people, just to relax everyone here is the deal and what apple really said. They said #1 that it will last anywhere from 300-400 charges BEFORE it STARTS to loose efficiency. START to Loose Efficiency doesn’t mean that the battery just stops period. It basically will start to loose power a little quicker each month or months from that time on. So with it having the ability to last 8 hours of talk it will stop at 7, then 6 , then 5 . And each of these drops will have its own amount of time that it will stay constant before it drops lower. So it’s not 1 year and done period. And even this depends on how many times that year you actually charged the phone. I know with me and my wife we are at every other day so this will most likely extend our time tremendously. Another way to help this out is by turning off the phone while at home. You have your emails on your computer and you have your home phone to use while there. So why use the Iphone? With this way you can cut you charge days down even lower than mine(this is something I’ll probably need to adapt myself). We might even make for a solid 2-3 years this way and by that time the iphone will need a upgrade anyway and if not let not act like once it’s battery needs to be change out that this is it for the phone. They will replace the battery for a charge and you can rent one until yours comes back. So it’s not like all goes to shit when the battery needs to be replace. So why are so many trying to make this out to be a big deal or like your phone needs to be thrown away once the battery needs to be replaced? Because it doesn’t .

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My experience on speed has been good!


Now let me start off by saying that most speeds may in my experience be effected by a lot of different things. Some the location, some the phone itself, and some just based on the amount of people using it at the time(so I’m told). Now I live in memphis and my experience with the edge network has never been bad. I’ve used it with cingular before the Iphone, I’ve used it with Tmobile. And through it all I never really got what the big complaint was about once the evdo and the 3g started making headway. Now, I did have evdo speeds before when I had the Q from verizon and at the time I was always looking for ways to really test the speeds out vs a edge network because I was told it was this big advantage but based on my memory I didn’t really see that big of a jump on most sites. My thoughts is that the evdo and 3g speeds aren’t noticable on all pages and even then they are at best a couple of seconds faster if that. Now fast forward to today with the Iphone and the edge network adjustment some believe have taken place compared to the speed of the evdo we just might have a even greater difficulty finding a real reason to go with the evdo over the edge network(at least when it comes down to the iphone). As shown below the edge actually beat the evdo 3g speeds of the treo and as I stated below my speed on my iphone was even faster than edge speeds on the iphone that the reviewer had. So maybe the speed in Memphis have been upgraded and this was what AT&T hinting to earlier before the release of the iphone. So maybe later others will see the same speeds I’m getting in their city. But all and all the bottom line is that here in Memphis my iphone speed on edge has just as much speed as the evdo and 3g in most cases and this my friend is good enough for me.

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Iphone doesn’t have 3G or EVDO. SO!

I ran across a video on youtube I thought was very interesting. It compares the evdo or 3G speeds to AT&T edge speeds on the Iphone. Now please keep in mind that the Iphone actually loads the entire webpage unlike most smartphones out there who only load the webpage in a different formation.I hope you find it just as enlightening as I did.


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Broken records!


I don’t know about you but I am getting so tired of people making the iphone to be this “Only with this product” bash. First you hear about how people don’t like AT&T sound and network. Well tell that to the millions of people that signed up with them. I think someone likes them, wouldn’t you say? And need I remind everyone that the Iphone is not the only exclusive phone to AT&T but this hasn’t effected the other phones review(i.e blackjack). Then you get that they don’t like the price of the phone(look at the prada ,look at the almighty brick nokia n95). Then we don’t like the fact that they want 59.99 for the lowest plans when all other phones are at least $10 more for the exact plan. And finally the dumbest statement that is thrown around is “Wait on the next Iphone, it will be better”. I’m I the only one that doesn’t get why people say this. Come on you can say that about everything. Wait on the next Batman movie..don’t go see the 1st because the 2nd one will be better????? Wait on the next Mac computer because the next one will be better??Wait on the 2nd coming of Jesus because this is the most important coming??? COME ON PEOPLE! If I wait on the next product I might as well wait for the product after that one because the 3rd one will be better than both the 1st and 2nd one and so on and so forth. Pretty soon I’ll never get anything thinking this way. If you want it and you can afford it, get it people. Me, my wife nor anyone else that I know of that has the phone regret one single $ spent on the unit nor 1 minute spent waiting in line for it. Don’t let people rob you of this great product with foolish ideas.

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700,000 and counting


Ok, the numbers are in and the Iphone has sold 700,000 units in the days it’s been out. This is mind blowing people. You tell me when the last smart phone you have seen or heard of for this price( hell, at any price) sale this many units in a couple of days. I can very well tell you that you won’t find one. Well I guess that the price really didn’t stop the sales now did it. And of course you still had the false reports stating that the iphone didn’t sale that well. When will people get tired of printing false stuff just to get people to read their articles? To every word that I’m hearing it’s been a complete sellout and some stores got mulitple shipments in and still weren’t able to keep them in stock.

Today I went to the apple store just to see how they set their store up being that I got mine from the mall. And when I got their i was impressed by the layout. Two very big Iphone replicas that actually placed in both windows in the store and a complete wall with nothing but demo after demo of the phone on the desks with monitors playing video of it. And of course a group of people just licking their lips at the demos and the info given by the employees their. It felt nice to have mine on my hip with my music going just low enough to hear them talk and wonder if I really had one or not. But all and all the reaction to the demo’s are the same wherever I’ve been. “Oh, my God…I’ve got to have one of these” seems to be the on going statement I keep hearing. I sure hope everyone that wants one get’s one, I really do.

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Just to Confirm Some things to everyone!


Lets get this out of the way shall we! I see some of those internet articles on how the Iphone could have been better( so could humans!). And How people aren’t happy with little stuff. How some try and place activation issues on the Iphone itself(this is on AT&T as we have found out of late). Lets get this stuff corrected now. Now the last article about me enjoying the iphone or the struggle to relax and commit to the enjoyment of it has nothing…I repeat NOTHING to do with the product. If you haven’t gotten this yet from all the articles and all the true reviews out there, then here is your last notice. THE IPHONE IS AT LEAST 40% BETTER THAN ANY, I SAY AGAIN ANY PHONE ON THE MARKET TODAY. There is no comparison! All others can try and have some of the same features but never can complete the package. I am so sick of seeing all the haters out there try and compare stupid bulky phones like the Ocean to the iphone just because it’s 3g.This doesnt make it on par or better . There is no phone that has the battery life, the memory (even if you add a card to it they still wont reach 8gigs), or the OS system that is as efficient as this phone. And touch screens, come on folks! There are touch screens and then there are TOUCH SCREENS. Just because a phone has a surface that can be used as a touch screen in CERTAIN areas or spots doesn’t make it anywhere in the same league as the Iphone(i.e htc). Don’t get me wrong these phones deserve their spot on the shells and may be good phones, but by no means would I even try and fix my mouth to say they have taken the same quality of steps the apple has in their product. I bet you can’t drop 70-80% of the SMARTPHONES out there on concrete like the video below showed and it still works and don’t even attempt to talk about the scratches on the screen on all of 98% if not more would recieve if keyed. I’ve said this before and I’ll continue to say it. This is the single greatest invention in the last 15-20 yrs. Well Done Apple, Well Done!

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This is Living?


Life with the iphone hasn’t been too shabby I must say. Even in the business type (at times anyway) of environment I work in, with all the straight faces, “too cool to show emotions” hard asses, and the all important “I make more money than you” high looks, they all fall under the smoothness of the Iphone when they see it. People gather in number just to see the touch screen and then walking away with a oath to buy one day. Will they? Only time will tell. But even with all this going on I still haven’t really got to the where I can proudly say I own the Iphone. I guess it’s been a lot of things going on and a lot to take in at once, but I still wonder why I can’t just set down and relax and enjoy myself and my new gadget. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been all over this thing and at least tested every feature at least once if not more but with this kid of mine and my $ guilt it’s no wonder why I can’t just enjoy this moment properly. The bad thing is, this was how I felt when my son was born too. It took months to just enjoy the moment of being a father because I was too wrapped up in responsibilty . ONE day, one day soon I will learn to relax, sit down and enjoy, at least I hope.

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More Worries put to rest!


Ok, First off I will have to say after all the unboxing video’s and all the video reviews on the net of the iphone I have decided not to do a video
review of it now. Sorry for those looking forward to it. But I don’t think that another video review is needed at this time but I will give you a video. I think you’ll agree that this video can finally put the last of the lies about the Iphone to rest finally and we all can relax. No more scratch stories and no more “it’s to slippery, it going to break as soon as you drop it” cries. Thanks to PCWorld for have the balls to do this to the iphone and at the same time post it. And in my opinion, and I think you will agree with me, that this video is all the review video anyone needs to see to finally prove that the iphone is just as well made software wise as it is physically.

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My Written Review!


With end finally here, the news and rumors finally reaching the true, and all the liars now having to now push things that are true about the phone we all can now begin to see what was really behind door #1. Me myself have gone through a lot even at the location I got the phone from. I was faced with racism, jealousness, and made fun off. All this for a phone, you might say. No not just a phone but a jump in technology. Yes, I can confirm that the iphone is a must have “IT” gadget. It has all the hype and backs up at least 90% of it. Is it perfect no. But why do we ask ourself this question when it comes to any gadget or thing. There is no perfect gadget or human (at least left on earth right now) period but yet when reviewing we as reviewers always have to make this statement. So forgive me. But while not perfect it is far closer to being perfect than any other smart phone or gadget in it’s own field than anything I’ve seen. The phone was just well build and smartly put together. There are always those who wish it had something else but to be honest to have all the options this phone has and how they went about completing everything shocks even me. They really went above and beyond putting the iphone together and deserve a standing ovation.


The phone is as it is advertised, the thinnest phone ever. The battery life takes battery life to another level for phones. I heavily used it for 12 hours straight and still had a little bit over half of battery life left. This after watching 20 minutes of movies, listening to the ipod, talking on the phone for some hours, and sending emails galore. The keyboard is exactly what the reviewers say over the net. At first it will not be fun but after (a day for me) 2-3 days of using it the iphone will be better at typing than regular smartphone keyboards. I enjoy every single time I have to type something. In fact I look for reasons to send a email. And speaking of email, I was finally able to confirm push email through yahoo as being available for the phone but first must warn you first that this option won’t be spelled out to you when you get it. It won’t say it in the instruction on how to set it up because there is nothing you need to do other than putting in your yahoo email address with password. That’s it! The Iphone does everything else for you. No signing up for anything(as long as you already have just a regular yahoo email account.It doesn’t have to be a specific one) no downloading anything extra to your computer or iphone, IT JUST WORKS. That my friends is amazing. And just like the email stuff the wifi and how it just switches is so cool and smart too. It just knows when to do it. You don’t have to tell it anything. Youtube was simply amazing as well, I love having direct connection to youtube without going on the net and for the most part all the video play in a fairly short amount of time(almost instantly while connected to wifi)and play in a nice resolution for the most part. But you do have some that are just plan bad in quality. Another nice little niche is the timer and world clock features. I’ve never had a phone that had these features on it. I can see this becoming very handy at work for breaks and lunches. You also have a note section to jot down notes or details on anything( a needed feature for me at least). No real need to talk about the Ipod area really, I mean it’s the ipod thru and thru. I guess the only real stand out point is how perfect the movies look on the screen. I used my old Zune PQ software to convert my 3 dvd’s over to Mpeg4 and then set them at half the space a quality and it still played perfectly on the Iphone. You couldn’t tell that the quality was set at only a half of what it could look like. Can’t wait to see what a movie looks like set at full quality. And the last + thing which to me is one of the more useful ones is the Maps , traffic and satellite feature from google. This will be my most used feature because I am so bad when it comes to getting around my city. And then having traffic updates present will avoid a lot of headache for me. The whole software program was put together so perfect that I can’t imagine how it could have been better unless it was gps. But then again I wouldn’t have paid extra for gps so what good would that option do me.


Now on to what I found to be the hard pills to swallow. Top on this list is the activation problem everyone seems to be having. Even though I went through without a delay in activation I have been reading about people having this problem and hours later still not being able to use the phone. This is a shame and I feel bad for these people. The problem might stem from Apple’s jump into cell phone activations. In my opinion having a phone is enough. I don’t think apple should have gotten involved with the activation through Itunes bit, because it seems that it’s lack of knowledge in this area of the cell phone business is costing people some needed time with their Iphone. But once again I don’t know the percentage nor do I know for sure it’s on Apple’s end or AT&T. The next biggest issue hit me and this is AT&T lack of notation in their service department. A couple of years back I purchased 2 phones for me and my wife and returned and canceled these phones with in 15 days( And we all knew that they had a 30 day no cancelation fee policy). Well AT&T charged me a cancelation fee on both phone lines totaling up to $300+ regardless. So they told me that this was taking care of some years ago but once I got up to the counter to buy the Iphone they told me it was still on my report on my credit. Now you take a $300 balance for 2 years with the same company you are trying to get credit from and where does that do to your credit score. It kills it. So needless to say I had to get on the phone with them just for them to keep me on hold for 40 minutes and then finally removing the fee’s. But when I got home with the iphone I could not sign up as a 2 yr contract post pay line. I had to sign up as a Pre paid account. Now this in some eyes is better because you don’t have to pay a activation fee nor do you have to sign a 2 yr contract however what you do get is a message through out the whole day telling what you balance is even if your not using the phone. This gets old after a while and down right frustrating. I have talked to 3 different departments and either most don’t have the pre-paid contract or it really dumb luck because my wife’s phone does the same thing (remember I had to get two). Only one of the departments say that they were made aware of this and would be looking into a resolution. So all and all if you look at the trade most say they would prefer it this way over the 2 yr contract with activation vs dismissing some messages that pop up. Me, I won’t be happy until they can at least make sure the messages don’t come through until after I get off a phone call and no further.

So there you have it in a nutshell. Add up the positives and subtract the negatives and you still end up a winner. Hope this helps someone make up their mind or confirms them at least. Video review coming soon. Thanks!


Well I guess the first would be Hate or Haters for those people that just could not go to bed until they found something to hate about the Iphone. But what I like about the “H” is that it also stands for Hypocrites. Here is what I mean. You and 20 or so people are setting line waiting on the Iphone inside a mall talking and enjoying themselves. Then just like clockwork you get the H’s that see the line and just have to come up and ask the stupidest question “You guys aren’t in the line for the Iphone are you?”Um, being that we are lined up outside in front of a AT&T which big butt signs in the window saying Iphone to be released today, not to mention the most obvious fact is that you have already heard about it and knew about it because if you didn’t you would have not come over with a direct question toward the line or name of the product( it’s not like the name “Iphone” is used to describe anything else at this time). Then after answering this question a thousand times over you get the next statement…”IT’S JUST A PHONE”. We know this, thats why we are buying it dummy. What do you think we are buying it for, to go play golf with? To me this is the most stupidest statement to say. Not to mention the fact that this same dummy was in line not even a year before now camped out for a playstation 3, or a wii , and some time before that with the xbox 360. “Remember it’s just a game, Right”. Oh yeah I hadn’t forgot about the same people will stand in line for a movie(like say starwars)…”It’s just a Movie”. And then we have the people that will bust their but to get a Cigarette of all things, “Its just a cancer stick” and last but not least and the ones that will wait in line for hours just to be seated at a restaurant or let into a club. If you hungry why wait in line just go across the street and get food from a gas station or Burgerking? “It’s just food”, right? My point is this just because you don’t get it doesn’t make what thousands of others doing weird or wrong. Maybe you should look at it this way. You seem to be the minority if thousands of others are doing something that doesn’t cause death and isn’t hurting anyone and somehow you don’t get it. Maybe the weird person is you!

Posted by: M. | June 30, 2007

It’s Finally over!


My wife and I have finally gotten back from a Iphone victory. But let me tell you it wasn’t without it’s bumps, hang ups and down right frustrations. I will be posting my video on this very soon so stay in touch but for now let me tell you how it all started folks. First off we get our son to daycare around 7:30am on the 29th. We then bypass going to the Apple store(who already had 5 people that camped out overnight the night outside before friday) and two other Corp. stores along the way(outside line stores too) just to arrive at the Mall. Now you would think that the mall would have been any smart person’s choice because you get to wait inside instead of outside. But I guess we were the only smart people in Memphis. We got there with nobody in line. So we decided to wait on the bench in front of the mall which was about to open first for the walkers and then at 10 for the shopping. You would think this wouldn’t hurt anyone but no the flash light cops at the mall had to pick with us and tell us that we couldn’t wait o/s but yet when another couple (which were a different race than us) sat in the same spot the Security person let them in. Now I found that very strange and then when we walked in behind these people the sucurity lady tells us that we can’t take a portable chairs in, we can’t stand out the door of the store and we can’t form any kinds of lines. No granted the AT&T manager already told us that we could but they said they were pulling rank and now telling us that we couldn’t. Bottom line we had to get the Manager and District Manager to get on the security people to shut up and leave business to business people. Then once the 11 hours passed we had issues with AT&T services telling us that we had to pay $300 for a past cancelation of 2 phones we only had and returned within 10 days( remember they have a 30 day return with no early termination fee). Even there computer show the times that the phone was activated and the time the account ended but yet somehow they still didn’t get this straight for 40 minutes after the store opened up to sell the Iphone. Needless to say I thought I was going to loose the one I was going to purchase. I was first in line and last to leave the store thanks to all this. Bottom line I was not happy with this or their company and if it wasnt for the Iphone I would have walked away from this all. Does the phone make up for it. Well you will have to wait for the video review coming soon.

Posted by: M. | June 29, 2007

Well we be able to Celebrate?


Well folks only a few hours left for a possible celebration! I have my glass ready and the wine in the ice box. 5 reviews are in over the net. All five give the Iphone a 4 out of 5 or a 3.5 out of 4 . These scores even though not a perfect score give the iphone it’s just do. They all same the same thing about the unit. The unit is truely a next generation gadget with only one real complaint. That it’s for AT&T. They #1 say the internet was a let down for speed compared to the 3g speeds and the evdo speeds. Even though I haven’t tried the phone yet I’m a little confused about how this was a let down if you and all the rest of the U.S have known for months and months that it was a AT&T phone with edge support only. Did anyone think that just because it was Apple it was somehow not going to be edge even though they informed the hold world that it would. At first I thought they were saying that the speed of the Iphone’s(not the edge)internet software was to blame but upon reading more reviews they are complaining about the EDGE speed as if it was a shock that it was slower than the 3g’s and the evdo’s speeds. I’ve had the Dash and think that it is the best phone out there(next to the Iphone of course) and this was on edge to and I had no complaints about it’s internet speeds. So if the iphone can recreate these speeds I will be one happy customer. I only fear would be a slower speed than the Dash had. But tomorrow will answer all those questions. I have my bags almost packed. My wife and I have our chairs and hopefully memphis will end up like it has always ended up. Not very demanding on phones and slow when it comes to crowds for big ticket items. So far there is only 5 people lined up at the apple store and none anywhere else. So this leaves me with 5 confirmed location to go to tomorrow at 7am. “May there be two” for us!

Posted by: M. | June 27, 2007

The Good and The Bad


It seems the more time goes by the more info is given to make some smile and cry. Ok the bad first. New york times writer David Pogue received his Iphone and have posted his thoughts on the product. For confirmation on status on replacement battery is now a clear “no”. There is no way to replace the battery unless you send your phone off. I can only hope this doesn’t happen till after you have upgraded to the new version of the Iphone some say is coming out next year. The 2nd Bad is the fact that the Internet speed is awful per David Pogue. It doesn’t seem that the Upgrade that AT&T said would be ready for the release of the Iphone is ready yet and maybe never will be. The only thing that wasn’t clear was if the “awful” referred to AT&T speed in general or was this something with the iphone making the internet even slower than all the other AT&T smartphones. And still no confirmation on the Yahoo Push email option.

Know onto the good. The first and obvious + is the fact that David said he has walked around with the iphone in his pocket for 2 weeks and no scratches only smudges which come off with the flick of a shirt. 2nd + is the fact that the Iphone is first bought then you go home and activate it with Itunes. So no waiting on people to get signed up and having to wait till they get off the phone with AT&T to activate the phone. It seems the plan will be to buy and go( which kind of raises some questions in my mind about how well this will work in the end) which will if nothing else save time. Another thing was the Wifi. David said it was a joy to use the wifi as far as speed goes. And the biggest + is the fact that the Iphone plans with unlimited data plans will cost you $10 cheaper than all the rest of AT&T smartphones(not the blackberry) plans. So basically you will be charged $59.99 for 450 minutes with 200 text messages and unlimited internet use instead of $69.99. Thats really good if you ask me. I never figured out why AT&T would charge $10 less for the blackberry’s internet use w/phone planes being that they still run at the same speed. Personally I think this will reach across the board for all smart phones for AT&T in the near future.


Well today I have some possible bad news that’s a little hard to believe but none the less it’s what I have noticed. Now, those of you who have read and read my articles on the Iphone know that I’m a big fan of it but at the same time I’m fair when it comes down to pointing out any flaws it might have. Such was the case with the multi-tasking issues I pointed out in “Chink in the Armor” article below. Well I have another one. This one has not been confirmed yet but there is some evidence missing that doesn’t point very well for Apple. The missing item or info I speak of is the lack of info on the PUSH EMAIL from yahoo. There hasn’t been anything mention since Macworld about this and what really got me to wondering was the lack of info about it after the update on their site. No where does it mention Push email and this was suppose to be a big item that was suppose to set them apart and give Blackberry some headaches. And if this wasn’t bad enough the new 20 minute demo video shows, at the end of it, the email settings and it only had settings for Manual, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, and every hour as it’s choices. So then for those of you wondering if the .mac accounts “every minute” option would be available the answer seems to be NO. So if Yahoo push email has been done away with, then apple has compounded the issue even more by taken away the ability to set you email to be checked under 15 minutes. This is going to make a lot of people upset if true and will most definitely give the people who wanted to hate apple and find a big enough flaw to down it all the ammo they will need. I can only hope that this isn’t true and that somehow all this will just be one of those close call moments, but only time and my Video Review will tell. Stay tuned!

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